Remove your bees, please! Neighbors in one Volusia County neighborhood could finally get some relief from a swarm of bees nesting in a foreclosed home in Port Orange.

City Council members approved a plan Tuesday to seek court action for access to get rid of the problem, and the home's owners could be the ones covering the cost.

A beehive on the foreclosed home, on the 300 block of Lafayette Street, is considered a health and safety concern.

The home has been plagued with bee issues for years. In the past, homeowners paid to get rid of the pesky bees. But after the owners moved out and the home fell into foreclosure, the bees came back -- and are going into neighbors' homes, stinging some of the homeowners.

"We were swimming in the pool, and my husband got stung in the head," said neighbor Stephanie Bell. "He ran and jumped over the side of the pool, and we were actually trapped in there for about an hour, because they were all swarming over top. We just couldn't come out until they went away."

The house has fallen into a state of disrepair, and code violations are mounting.

The Port Orange City Manager Kent Donahue said the city contacted the property owner, who agreed to allow access within a week.