A Gulfport woman’s cat was poisoned and trapped in a fumigated house for hours.

Linda Craig says her cat “Bear,” went missing for two days but she never thought he was trapped in a tarp across the street.

Craig says neighbors complained they heard a cat screeching from inside the tarp and called the fumigation company.

She was told workers checked the property but didn’t find the cat so they went ahead and fumigated the home.

Another neighbor heard the cat after that and opened up the tarp.

Bear ran out but died a short time later.

“He was one of my children you know. If that had been a child in that house or a human being in that house do you think they would have taken the tent off of it? Of course they would,” said Craig.

The company, Bingham's Professional Pest Management contacted Craig to apologize. They offered to buy her a new cat but she said no thanks.