Everywhere you look there is a doll.

All over the house, in every closet and every corner.

Gloria Everett loved dolls and over several decades that love turned into an amazing collection. Her daughter Terry Ovsianik said her mom was easy to shop for.

"For every birthday, every Christmas we would present her with another doll, and every doll she got she had to give a kiss," Ovsianik said. "You could just see the enjoyment they all brought to her."

So the question is, how many dolls did Everett collect?

Well, every room in her Hernando County house is full. Not hundreds of dolls. We're talking more than 1,000 dolls.

Gloria passed away in February, and her family has decided to have an estate sale. All the dolls, some dating back to the late 1800s are up for sale and worth thousands of dollars.

Danny Triplett is organizing everything and spending hours researching the collection.

"We've been in one room for a good part of a week," Triplett said. "In one room that has several hundred in there."

It is a sad decision for the family. They say there are just too many dolls to keep.

The estate sale will be held Aug. 16-18 and 23-25.