For the second night in a row, a tornado caused damage in the Bay area, funnel clouds were spotted in Pinellas County, and lightning lit up the night sky.

Storm damage was confirmed in the Tropic Isles mobile home park on 10th St. W. in Palmetto.

According to North River Fire District Battalion Chief Mike Williamson, the tornado damaged seven mobile homes, three heavily. The Red Cross is assisting three displaced families.

"I was the first arriving unit on scene and saw the immense damage," Williamson said, "and my first thought was we had about 60 residents who were in the street, so our first thought was how many are injured? Is anyone trapped inside these trailers?"
No one was trapped but one person was slightly injured by flying debris.

Firefighters say while they were dealing with damage on one street they learned there was even more a block over.
"And when they got over there they found there were power lines, live power lines on 10 of the trailers, sparking,” he said.

Judy Reed said she felt a storm coming on and decided to take her dog, Smokey, out for a walk before it hit but she said she never had the chance.

"And the wind is starting to blow,” Reed said as she recounted the moments right before the tornado hit.

"You could just see the roofs and everything just blowing and blowing," she said as the storm rolled through.
John Kadlick was inside his mobile home watching television when the tornado tore through.

"It's just one minute the roof's on the house, the next minute it's gone,” he said.

Just moments before, he said he heard the wind kick up and saw the trees outside bending to one side.

"And the next thing I knew the roof's gone,” Kadlick said.  “It's like it came down, hooked onto something on the roof, and just pulled it right up into the air."

It took a few minutes, he said, to realize what had actually just happened.

"After it happened, I figured, gheez,” Kadlick said. Adding, “I was lucky I didn't get pulled up with it."

While right next door, Leslie Cheney and Jeff Hill said they got home just a few minutes after the tornado touched down.

"Then we're driving up into the neighborhood and this is what we came to," Hill said as he gestured to his home.

“We came in from Captiva and saw that our carport was missing,” said Cheney. “We're not sure if we have a roof."

But even with all the damage, everyone on Edessa Street seems to feel the same way.

"This is just material stuff,” said Hill.  “That's OK. You know, it doesn't mean anything.”

Reed said she never wants to live through something like this again.

“You don't want things like to happen and I’m just glad they're all safe and I know you can always get a new home, you can't always get a new person," Reed said.

Flooding was also reported in Anna Maria Island.

"It rained quite heavily for a period of time," said Bay News 9 Meteorologist Josh Linker. "This storm developed really quickly."

The tornado started out as a waterspout.

About an hour later, funnel clouds were spotted in the Palm Harbor area of Pinellas County. A viewer from Odessa in Hillsborough County also sent in photos of a funnel cloud. They were taken looking west toward Dunedin.

Linker said the set up with the sea breeze was very similar to what happened Monday night in Tampa Bay, where a waterspout formed and moved onto land, causing damage in Oldsmar.

In the last few weeks, about a dozen waterspouts have formed in the Bay area. Bay News 9 meteorologists say unlike years past, it's been an active season.