A man who took pictures of a young boy at a Disney World bathroom was arrested in Pennsylvania, the Orange County Sheriff's Office reported.

Joseph Cionzynski, 59, used his cell phone to take several pictures of a young boy inside a bathroom at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom on Aug. 2, according to a sheriff's office report.

Sheriff's deputies initially did not find any pictures of the boy on Cionzynski's cell phone, but a further examination later uncovered the photos, sheriff's office spokesman Jeff Williamson said Saturday.

Cionzynski was arrested in Lansdale, a small town near Philadelphia, Williamson said. Further details of Cionzynski's arrest were not immediately available.

According to the sheriff's report, the boy noticed someone slip a cell phone under the bathroom stall partition to take several photographs of him. He left the bathroom and told his mother, and identified Cionzynski based on his shoes.

Cionzynski told a sheriff's deputy he believed it was a "minor misunderstanding," according to a sheriff's report, and allowed a deputy to look at his cell phone. No pictures of the child were found, but the deputy did find two pictures of adult genitalia, the report shows. The phone was seized as evidence.

Investigators said they did find pictures of the boy at a later time.

Cionzynski, an employee of the National Labor Relations Board who identified himself as a "scout leader," was given a trespass warning, but was not arrested at the time.

An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest on charges of video voyeurism.