A new facility in Tampa will provide people who are recovering from strokes and brain injuries a different way to rehabilitate.

One of those people is Abby Blackburn, who suffered a brain injury over five years ago that took part of her memory. Michael, her husband of 28 years, became her teacher, but even with his help Abby wants more.

"She doesn't feel like she has a place or a purpose outside in the world, and I see Clubhouse as providing something like that," Michael Blackburn said.

Clubhouse is a branch of the non-profit Synapse House, which will open its first Tampa location next week. Deborah Giesler is the founder and director of Synapse House. She has spent 20 years working as a therapist with brain injury patients.

"A lot of times after a person has a brain injury or a stroke, they are not able to go back to work again,” she said. “And so what do they do? And given that most people who are injured are young, they're 20-40 years old, you're looking at a lifetime of not really having that focus again."

St. Clement's Episcopal Church was looking for a way to give back to the community when they found the Clubhouse. Now, some of their property will be used to help people suffering from brain injuries and stroke.

"In my line of work I get involved in hospital care and stuff like that and see both sides of the equation, both the illness side and the care side, and to see both of those come together it's a wonderful thing to see and to have available to the community,” said Fr. Andrew Heyes, who serves as the rector at St. Clement’s Episcopal Church.

The Clubhouse is for patients who have already received medical treatment and rehabilitation. Since there is no cure, it is a way for them to continue to develop their skills.

Under Giesler’s guidance, members will learn to answer the phones, write newsletters, cook, and run the non-profit.

"Those are real life activities that can help people be more independent at home, more independent in the community, and for some help them return back to work again," she said. "For others it's about having friends again, having purpose, and just getting off the couch and getting back to life again."

Michelle Corbin suffered a brain injury after a bicycle accident last September. She could not find anything like the Clubhouse in the Bay area.

"There are no programs available," Corbin said. "I did so much research and so much wandering over the last several months trying to put my life back together and only having a team of doctors to try to help who could only treat my residual effects of having delayed concussions and traumatic brain injury."

Abby Blackburn cannot wait to be a part of it.

"I have a feeling I'm never gonna go to a regular job," she said. "Having a job here (and) taking care of things here. I think that would be great."

She will get that chance next week when the Clubhouse opens. For more information visit their website: http://www.synapsehouse.org/