The man charged in Monday's fatal bicycle hit-and-run crash in Clearwater will likely be spending his second night in jail.

According to police, 29-year-old Christopher Patrick Weed killed one bicyclist and left another in critical condition in an hit-and-run accident.

Rob Lemon, 25, was hit on a tandem bicycle in Clearwater early Monday morning. According to police, Lemon died from the injuries he sustained in the crash on the Memorial Causeway at 6:30 a.m. Monday.

The second victim, Lemon's girlfriend, Hilary Michalak, remains in critical condition at Bayfront Medical Center.

Officials said just as Weed was getting ready to post $15,000 bond on Wednesday, the judge increased it to $125,000 at the request of prosecutors.

"The second victim is very very critical, leaving the scene involving injury, most likely um, will be another count of leaving the scene involving a death," said  prosecutor Scott Rosenwasser.

He faces one count of leaving the scene of an accident with death and one count of leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury.

Rosenwasser said Weed may have tried to remove the windshield of his truck to hide evidence, which is another reason they wanted a higher bond.

"There was glass found at the residence, there was a broom that had some glass in it, there was other items that would indicate that for some reason the windshield was taken to another location," said Rosenwasser.

During the argument for higher bail, prosecutors brought a past arrest of Weed's into the picture. In 2006 Weed pleaded no contest to a charge of racing on an interstate.

Clearwater Police Chief Anthony Holloway said they initially had nothing to go on, but thanks to a tip, along with cameras on the beach, they were able to make an arrest.

According to police, the two victims are seen on video riding their bicycle at the beach in the roundabout area about 6:10 a.m. A couple of minutes later, a green 1997 Nissan pickup is seen in the same area.

An anonymous tipster called CrimeStoppers to indicate that Weed might be the suspect connected to the accident, police say.

Police say Weed came to police headquarters Tuesday morning, saying he thought his vehicle may have been involved in the accident.

Police continued to investigate, saying they found the truck without the windshield in the backyard of Weed's residence.

They're asking anyone who might have seen Weed driving in the Clearwater Beach area immediately before the 6:15 a.m. accident to call police at 562-4242.

The same applies for anyone who might have seen him driving after the accident.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the windshield are also asked to call police.

The truck is a teal two-door 1997 Nissan with a white stripe down the side.

Weed was arrested Tuesday night at his mother's house.

Police say Weed is employed on Clearwater Beach by one of the hotels there.

He told police he blacked out after driving home from work and doesn't remember anything until he awoke in the shower later Monday and saw the incident on the news.

The victims

Michalak and Lemon moved to the area from Michigan earlier this summer.

Michalak took a job as a director of youth and families at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd Church. Lemon worked as a manager at Ride N Roll bike shop in Largo.

Ride N Roll bicycle shop owner Frank Lopez said Lemon recently purchased the tandem bike the couple was hit on and was looking forward to teaching his girlfriend how to ride.

"She was skeptical because she had never ridden a bike as much as he did," Lopez said. "He was willing to invest the time and buy the tandem and get her to understand how much fun it is to be out there riding on the road."

Lopez said Lemon was known for his safety-first approach to cycling. He said Lemon always wore a helmet and used safety lighting, even when trail riding.

Neighbors of the couple in Largo also say Lemon was safety-minded when riding. Chris Privitera said he saw the couple testing the tandem bike last month shortly after they bought it.

"I remember pulling in and I saw them riding it," Privitera said. “It was their first time and they were excited about it."