Women are coming together for a great cause in Pinellas County.

An all-female crew is building a home for a mother and her little girl with Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County.

It’s called the "Girl Powerhouse," and it’s not only being built by women volunteers, but it’s also funded through Hammers and Heels, a women’s organization, and supervised by female site managers.

On Friday, the women raised the roof trusses for opening day of the project. Kristi Thum, a site manager for Habitat, says it’s girl power at its best.  

"We’re doing something great for the community, and we’re helping out a family who needs decent, affordable housing," said Thum. "And it’s a project I really feel embraces the spirit of women."

The project is expected to be complete in mid-December, and from now until then, the 250 volunteers will work on the house every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The woman who will receive the home is a single mother who is a Hospice Patient Care Worker. She’s also helping with the build.