The city of Pinellas Park is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

When discussing world history, 100 years is a blip on the radar, but in Pinellas Park a lot has happened during that time.

“We’ve changed tremendously,” said City Councilman Ed Taylor.

Taylor said the city was originally founded by settlers from Pennsylvania.

“The climate was great, the soil was great for planting certain crops the important crop at that time was sugarcane,” said Taylor.

They flocked to Pinellas Park and set up farms across the city. Years later, the economy blossomed and Pinellas Park began to grow.

“We finally became a city in May of 1915 and have continued to grow from that handful of families up to a city of 50,000 right here in the middle of the county,” said Taylor.

People wanting to celebrate Pinellas Park’s 100 years can do so at the historical society and at events throughout the next few months.

Pictures will be on display showing how the city has changed.

“No you wouldn’t recognize it then from now it was all open spaces and an occasional home occasional hotel.”

Taylor said now it’s about celebrating Pinellas Park’s values.

Like its early days 100 years ago, it’s still a small community made up of people willing to listen to one another.

Pinellas Park is holding a historical reenactment on Friday, and there will be other events leading up to the anniversary on May 22, 2015.