As Election Day draws closer, Florida's gubernatorial candidates are still out campaigning across the state.

Former Gov. Charlie Crist, who is running as a Democrat, spent the day in central Florida, including a stop at the University of Florida.

Students packed Crist's indoor rally, and while he spoke a bit about his own agenda, he had a lot more to say about his opponent, Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

For the students, it was a campaign trail civics lesson, but for Crist, it's Get Out the Vote 101. Locked in a tight race, his path to victory relies on turning out notoriously unreliable Democratic voters, who typically cast ballots in presidential years but are no-shows in Florida's governor races.

Fitting that mold are Democratic-leaning college students, who Crist says have good reason to vote in 2014 and defeat Gov. Scott, who earlier this year approved nixing an earlyl voting site at the UF Student Union.

"You can't vote on campus, though, can you? Why is that?" Crist said during the rally. "Rick Scott. You got it. I remember being here in the spring and there was a local election and we were talking about the fact you couldn't vote on campus because of...Rick Scott. So, in six days, senator, maybe we'll be Scott-free!"

The governor's Secretary of State said voter suppression has nothing to do with it, saying the early voting site violated state law.

But beyond that, Florida GOP chair Leslie Dougher says that if anyone out to be voting against Crist, it's students.

"Until they really figure out that he's the one that raised their tuition 15 percent for three consecutive years and that they find out they're really paying a lot more to go to college than they could be," she said.

Regardless of their political leanings, the question remains if the state's college students will follow through and vote.

Crist's campaign operatives say they don't expect 2014 to be a presidential-style year, with long lines of college voters. They are only looking to do marginally better than 2010, when Rick Scott won the governor's mansion by 60,000 votes.

Crist is scheduled to be in the Bay area Thursday with a stop in St. Petersburg.