A 10-month-old Weimaraner dog named Pollo is in the fight of her life after vets say she was either hit by a car or beaten.

Vets at the Veterinary Healthcare associates hospital in Winter Haven said the owner dropped the dog off to them this weekend with severe injuries and broken bones.

“She’s got some fairly significant injuries. She’s got some broken bones in her pelvis, her jaw has been fractured and she has some trauma to her face as well,” said Veterinarian and owner of Veterinary Healthcare associates hospital, Dr. Loren Nations.

Chris Ridgeon’s Weimaraner dog rescue organization stepped up to adopt the dog and pay for her expensive surgery.

“It’s tragic. We deal with them all the time. Mostly starvation or ill treatment but beating or suspected beating is something entirely different,” Ridgeon said.

X-rays show just how extensive those injuries are. But Ridgeon said they’re going to do whatever it takes to save her.

“She’s young enough. She’s got a great life ahead of her. She’s young enough that she’s gonna heal fully we hope. And we’re gonna get her in a great home,” Ridgeon said.

Pollo is set to have surgery on Friday. After that, doctors say she will begin her long road to recovery.

Polk County Sheriff deputies are investigating the cause of Pollo’s injuries.

To donate to Pollo’s care visit, http://www.lifelinedogrescue.org/.