Entrepreneurs at the University of South Florida got a chance to show off their inventions Tuesday.

As part of USF Connect, the university's student innovation incubator program, entrepreneurs displayed products using drones, robotics and smartphones, among others.

Matt Jerry with Inova Marketing showed off a drone that feeds live video back to an app on smartphones.

 "It's incorporated the camera with a gimble system that is first person view transmitted to any app on your phone," Jerry said.

Lubotics engineers displayed their innovative bio-inspired robot while Looshes Labs LLC unveiled a skateboard with a compartment for belongings. Alexei Novitzky said the boards get the weight off people's shoulders and puts it under their feet.

Other innovations included Proscia and its technology that allows doctors to detect biopsy cancer cells in a matter of seconds instead of an hour.

"Our proprietary machine and algorithms are state of the art beyond anything else," said Hunter Jackson with Proscia. "We have 97 percent concurrence with prognostic consensus."

Meanwhile, Ileana Alvarez displayed a spiked drink detector that may help users avoid date rape drugs.

"Someone gives you a drink, you're a little bit unsure if there's any chemicals in it," Alvarez said while explaining normal-appearing nail polish on her hand. "You could simply just put a little bit of liquid onto your nail and it'll change colors and let you know if it has any chemicals."

USF's Director of Innovation and Incubation Programs Stephanie Ashley said the event not only shows off the student innovation but is a great networking opportunity.

"When we provide a venue such as the student innovation incubator, we can provide points of collision," Ashley said. "(We also) have events for them, mentoring, funding opportunities, we're able to make those dreams a reality."

Ashley added that one or more of the USF entrepreneurs will have a chance to feature their products at a future trade forum in Tampa.