For 8-year-old Madison Harrison, photography isn’t a hobby, it's a profession.

“There is just something in me that makes me love it,” said Harrison.

And that something is what pushed the second grader to start her own photography business.

“The name of my business is actually Photos With Madison, and I actually take pictures of you and your doll or little boys and their toys,” Harrison said.

With her lens, she wants to capture special moments.

“What’s even the point of having toys when you don’t get to capture the memories,” said Harrison.

It’s an idea that’s selling big among her peers. Logan Lexton decided to bring her toys to Madison’s Christmas Shoot.

“It shows how much I love my toys and when I grow up I can show my kids,”  said Lexton.

Harrison’s inspiration came from her mom who also runs her own business. She charges $20 per shoot.

“Children love to pretend, she has a great imagination and so I thought it was something that go away and it didn’t,” said Harrison's mother Andrea.

Harrison says she has had her fair share of failed businesses ideas, but this is a promising business.