It's a display so controversial, even where it's being placed is a matter of heated debate.

Satanist John Porgam says he has every right to put up a display in the middle of the Capitol rotunda. It's an ode to two Biblical verses that focus on an angel falling from heaven into a pit of fiery doom.

Last year, state officials blocked the Satanic Temple from putting up the display, calling it "grossly offensive."

That's when Portgal threatened to sue, arguing other holiday-themed displays have been allowed to go up, including a Nativity scene and a Festivus pole of Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.

So, in the spirit of what's become an only-in-Florida season, the state has given the Satanists approval to put a holiday display in the rotunda.

"We would actually prefer that none of this was here, that we wouldn't have to go through this every year," Porgal said. "And if none, all - they take everything, no matter how insulting it is to anybody, they have to take it if they include just one item."

At the Capitol, the reason for the season has become an open question. Whether the answer is religion, beer or simply nothing at all, there's a monument to drive the point home.

But critics call the proliferation of holiday displays free speech on steroids.

Prayer leader Pam Olsen put up the Nativity scene, which she said was never supposed to be flashy like she claims the Satanist display is. That's why she replaced the Nativity scene with a simple painting of Jesus' birth, which she says conveys a simple message.

"Do they use that display to say happy holidays to all the members of the Satanic Temple all over the place where for their holiday celebrations?" she said. "Do they show it at their temple or their services or whatever they do or in their homes? Do they have that display in their homes up on their fireplace? 'Cause I have the Nativity in mine, and so do millions of Christians around the world."

But Porgal said the message isn't the point - it's his right to free speech that matters most.

"If the nativity scene never came in here in the first place, we would not have done this," he said.

So instead of a fight at the Capitol, it's happy holidays to all and to all a good night.