One St. Petersburg group is trying to grab on to the craft spirit movement.

Daniel Undhammar knows a thing or two about high quality spirits. He can tell you all about how to make them, and of course, how to drink them.

Undhammar is the director of product development for the new and unknown St. Petersburg Distillery. From the outside of the building, it doesn’t look like much, but on the inside, there’s an entire craft distillery.

St. Petersburg Distillery is the brainchild of the Iafrate family. They gutted the inside of the abandoned warehouse in St. Petersburg, then turned it into a small batch craft distillery.

Soon enough, the owners say, their vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and orange liqueur will be on store shelves, in restaurants and in bars.

“(We're) creating spirits of a very, very high quality using local ingredients, the finest ingredients," Undhammar said.

The spirits will all be under the flagship name Old St. Pete Spirits. They will be quality products that pay tribute to St. Petersburg’s history.

The goal, Undhammar said, is to "create a distillery to create something, frankly that we thought was missing."

It’s an attempt to capture a growing market one pour, one sniff, and one sip at a time.

St. Petersburg Distillery’s products should be on shelves in a little more than a month. Its leadership said local restaurants and bars are waiting anxiously.