Like many boys his age, 12-year-old Branden Petro loves basketball and video games. But ever since he was diagnosed with a rare epilpsey syndrome, his mother Renee Petro said he rarely gets to enjoy them.

“It’s a constant daily struggle every day to keep him alive,” she said.

Renee believes medical marijuana could make a big difference in Branden’s health. But the timeline to get it legally in Florida has been pushed back, after a judge overturned the state’s first set of rules to enact the Charlotte’s Web legislation.

Health officials went back to the drawing board on Tuesday, holding a workshop in Orlando.

Experts, lobbyists and potential growers all chimed in with how they believe the state should move forward, discussing everything from the nursery application process to zoning.

While the conversation was constructive, some said the process has been frustrating.

“I’ve been coming to every one of these meetings since the inception and it seems that we listen to the same thing over and over again and accomplish not much of anything,” said Anthony Ardizzone, of Ed Miller and Son Nursery.

Point in case, the original start date for the bill that is about to come and go.

“January 1st, 2015 is coming up in two days and there are people that need this, including my son,” Renee Petro said. “And we don’t have it. That’s unacceptable.”