The new Interstate 4-Lee Roy Selmon Connector is a series of bridges and roads designed to take traffic congestion off the streets of Ybor City and provide an alternate route in and out of downtown Tampa.

Open just weeks, safety concern has been expressed for navigating the roadway's curves.

At least one driver said the ramp from I-4 to the connector has a sharp curve and better signage is need to alert drivers to slow down while taking the curve.

Florida Department of Transportation Spokesperson John McShaffrey said engineers and contractors who designed and built the road worked closely to ensure safety.

"They look at so many different factors and then they determine what type of signing and markings are needed to guide people through the area safely," McShaffrey said.

On the northern end of the connector, all of the ramps onto Interstate 4 are clearly marked with dozens of bright yellow arrows and signs letting drivers know the suggested speed of 30 miles per hour to safely navigate the curve.

However, on the southern end, the ramps from the connector to the Selmon Expressway have no markings.

FDOT officials said they will take a look at signage on the connector.

"They're looking at it right now to take a look at making sure that everything is functioning as was designed and that people are driving it safely, that it's working," McShaffrey said. "In addition, before the project is done and the Contractor leaves there'll be another review and we'll have our maintenance people look at it as well."