Henry Lawrence is a football superstar. He was drafted in 1974 by the Oakland Raiders. He made two Pro Bowl teams and won three Super Bowls

Because of his skills as an offensive tackle, he earned the nick name "Killer."

“Losing was not an option sometimes it occurred but it was not something we accepted lightly,” said Lawrence.

And he plans on continuing as a winner. Lawrence is running once again, not up a football field, but on the campaign trail for a seat in Congress.

“I needed to do it for the people here, for the people in this country those who don’t have a voice because I come from that environment,” he said.

Lawrence began his football career on the former Palmetto High School football field. He went to school when the Manatee Schools were segregated. He also grew up in a family that didn’t have a lot of money.

But he said his struggles and his triumphs have shaped him into the man he is today and Americans can relate to his story because it is the “American dream.”

“I think that I can help and I think I can bring something new to the table, he said.

Lawrence is running as a Democrat in the November race against incumbent Vern Buchanan, who has been in the seat since 2007.

Lawrence said he is ready for the challenge and to let “Killer” make a difference in the world.