When deputies pulled over a Pasco County School District teacher's aide this weekend, they made a surprising discovery.

Kristi Steuber wasn't wearing any pants, they said.

According to the arrest report, 41-year-old Steuber, who works as an aide at Paul R. Smith Middle School in Holiday, was pulled over early Saturday morning going 69 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone along State Road 56 in Wesley Chapel.  

Once she pulled over, deputies noted the strong smell of alcohol.  When she tried explaining where she had been, deputies said Steuber began slurring and mumbling, as she told them she had a few drinks at a bar in St. Petersburg.

When deputies asked Steuber to get out of the car so they could perform a field sobriety test, they said they realized she was completely nude from the waist down, wearing only a shirt and bra. 

According to the report, they had to tell Steuber twice before they said she realized her lack of clothing.  Then deputies said they had to ask her two more times to put some pants on so they could give her the sobriety test, which she failed.

Steuber was placed under arrest and taken to the Land O' Lakes Detention Center, where her blood alcohol level was recorded at 0.135 and 0.137.  Florida law presumes legal intoxication at 0.08.

Linda Cobbe, a spokesperson for the Pasco County School District said Steuber had to meet with employee relations because by law, education employees must report any arrests to the district.  But because the DUI charge is a misdemeanor, Cobbe says no further disciplinary action is necessary.