About 400 people gathered to benefit the Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay on Thursday night.

The event, "A Night in Foreverland" was held at the Straz Center in Tampa to raise money and celebrate foster children who have been adopted.

The Heart Gallery is a traveling exhibit that features photos and biographies of children in foster care who need to be adopted.

"It meant everything to me because I was always wondering when I was going to be adopted," said Ronderick Curtis, 16.

Tammy Curtis said she saw Ronderick's picture as part of the Heart Gallery and felt a connection to him almost immediately.

"I saw his picture and I met him and it was instant," said Curtis. "It was like the skies opened and the sun shone down and God said 'this is your son.'"

The Children's Board said there are about 200 foster children in Hillsborough County waiting to be adopted.

"It's so important that we have this Heart Gallery so that they can tell their own story through us and find that perfect match of a family for them that is out there," said Jesse Miller, Director of the Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay.

Organizers say last year about 40 percent of the children featured in the Heart Gallery were matched with families.

Ronderick Curtis has a message for the foster children who are still waiting.

"Never give up hope. I mean, there is someone around here that wants you and that will care for you forever," he said.