The Tampa YMCA is turning 125 years old this month.

It marks a major milestone for what's become a fixture in the Bay area.
The non-profit has grown from the exclusive male country-club style facility that once stood in downtown Tampa as early as 1889.
"It was just an old building downtown with a lot of older men that were trying to stay in shape and work," said long-serving board member Guy King. "They developed it into a much bigger organization when they determined the YMCA and each branch should reflect the neighborhood it's in."
Since then, the Tampa Y has grown to 168,000 members.
Cesar Aponte Jr. joined the YMCA with his mother and brothers when he was 11 years old. Twenty-three years later, Aponte's mom said the place has transformed his life.
"He's overcome a lot of things that doctors said he would never do," said Aponte's mom, Ketty Fernandez.
The man, diagnosed with severe autism as a child, is now in college. Aponte said it's the Y that got him on his way.
"I like it here because it helps me succeed in helping me focus," Aponte said.
Aponte's story is just one that the Tampa YMCA is celebrating as it marks 125 years.
To mark the birthday, all of Tampa's YMCAs will hold their own celebrations throughout March. Discounts will also be available for families who want to join.
There are now 19 locations throughout Hillsborough and East Pasco counties. A new facility will go up in South Hillsborough County in just a couple of years.