A Pasco County woman is asking the public's help to continue her mission of dressing those in need.

A typical Sunday for Phyllis Lise usually consists of packing boxes with clothes to take to mentally ill hospitals.

Some of them are donated, while others she buys herself.

"It's my passion,” said Lise. “It’s my mission, I’m never going to give it up and I’m never going to stop."

The strong desire to help the mentally ill is something that came to her four years ago when she discovered her son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

"When I would go visit my son, I would see so many mentally ill women, men and children that didn't have clean clothing or even shoes on their feet," said Lise.

Lise started her “Dressing Angles" charity and every month she drops boxes off at two different hospitals.

"These people have a hard time,” said Sara Nicholas with the North Bay Recovery Center. “They are going through a lot and some can't hold a job or it's taken a toll on them and clothes mean a lot to them. You can just see the excitement and the appreciation on their faces."

Lise’s living room has been turned it into a make shift storage unit for all of her clothes because she says the demand is so high.

"Now it is one in four Americans living with mentally illness," said Lise. "For someone who has a building that is just sitting to please donate that building to my charity, to house the clothes and the shoes and so the families could be able to have a place to come to pick out the clothes for the mentally ill."

As she waits for her generous donor, she'll continue pack comfort and touch lives every hospital trip she makes.