Two people were sentenced Monday for their roles in a video that was sold on a website called

The video featured a homeless man with schizophrenia who was paid $50 to get beat up by a woman and can't fight back.

A jury found 61-year-old Jeffery Williams and 27-year-old Zuzu Vargo guilty of aggravated abuse of a disabled person in December.   

Judge Keith Meyer sentenced Vargo, the woman throwing the punches, to three-years in prison.

The judge said Vargo had less culpability than Williams, the man operating the camera. The judge sentenced Williams to seven years in prison.

Both defendants spoke out before their sentencing and the judge said he believes Williams knew the victim was a disabled adult.

"We have been portrayed as sort of as going and grabbing people and beating them up and that's not what this is about. It's a portrayal of fantasy,” Williams said.

"I don't ever want to cause anyone any pain ever again and I want to make amends any and every way possible. I hope that you can forgive me,” Vargo said.

"You should know sir and I believe you did know that (the victim) had substantial, you can shake your head no at me all day long, but I've sat through these proceedings and I've gotten to know something about you through your own testimony," said Judge Meyer.

Vargo had a doctor testify on her behalf the she suffers from a substance abuse problem and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Vargo's attorney was hoping to get her into a mental health clinic instead of prison but the judge said that would not be the right thing to do.

Williams' attorney said his client felt so bad about the video that he settled with the victim during a civil lawsuit.

In a separate case, both Williams and Vargo are facing two counts each of aggravated assault of a disabled adult for another she fights video. That case has not yet made it to trial.