This November, Florida voters will have a chance to legalize medical marijuana, unless lawmakers beat them to the punch.

Under a bill that passed a key House committee on Monday, and is on track to pass a key Senate committee today, a non-euphoric form of medical marijuana known as "Charlotte's Web" would be allowed to be prescribed by doctors to children who are suffering from life-threatening seizures, as it's been shown to treat that condition.

The bi-partisan bill does have it's critics, with one Republican notably arguing on Monday he's worried Florida might be on track to become a quote, "stoner state"

In addition to that bill, state lawmakers will cast final votes on a number of high profile bills during their session today, those bills include:

  • House Bill 255 - Would ban home and auto insurance companies from charging gun owners higher premiums
  • House Bill 355 - Bans university professors from requiring that students buy textbooks they authored
  • Senate Bill 242 - Also known as the 'Kids Act', this bill would allow parents to freeze the credit records of their children, preventing identity thieves from obtaining their social security numbers for fraudulent activities