A Spring Hill girl struggling with a rare form of epilepsy was given an important gift recently.

Alexis Corey, 9, can't walk and has trouble talking. Nearly two years ago, Corey was diagnosed with Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES).

"I can't believe how lucky we are, and there are times I have not felt lucky at all," said her mother Amanda Gallardo. "Alexis has a one in a million syndrome and that felt like the most unlucky thing that could ever happen."

Corey and her family have had a hard time in the past getting to and from places they need to go. That was before someone donated a wheel chair van to them.

"I look outside just to make sure it is still there because I feel like I've been dreaming," Gallardo said. "It is such an amazing gift."

Corey's mother held yard sales to raise money for a van, but Med Fleet jumped in and decided to help.

"Thank you so much," Gallardo said. "I wish that everybody that had a wheelchair had a van like this."

Other community members helped to give the van a tune up and a new paint job.