An assistant state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties is under fire after he posted an unorthodox Mother's Day message on Facebook.

Kenneth Lewis posted this to Facebook on May 11:

"Happy Mothers day to all the crack hoes out there. It' never too late to turn it around, tie your tubes, clean up your life and make difference to someone out there that deserves a better mother."

The statement on Facebook prompted this reaction from State Attorney Jeff Ashton:

“I have been made aware of certain statements attributed to Assistant State Attorney Kenneth Lewis on social media.  I do not agree with the political sentiments expressed by him and I find some of the words he chose to be both offensive and dehumanizing.  Political speech is protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution and I do not police the private thoughts, views or expressions of those in my employ.”

We reached out to Lewis regarding the remark on Facebook, but he has not responded to our request for comment.