A 29-year-old man was killed Tuesday night by Tampa police officers attempting to carry out a search warrant.

According to authorities, Joseph Wescott pulled a gun on officers as a SWAT team entered his W. Knollwood Street home. Officials said the home had been under surveillance after undercover officers bought narcotics multiple times at the home since March.

Until Tuesday night, Westcott's only criminal history had to do with driving without a license.

But Tampa police say a drug operation was ongoing inside of the rented home.

A search warrant was served by a SWAT team because police knew Westcott had guns in the home, according to authorities. As the officers entered the home, a man in a front room surrendered immediately. Westcott, who was found armed in a back room, pointed his weapon at officers and was shot, authorities said.

Authorities are trying to determine the level of the drug operation at the home. Authorities said hydroponic marijuana was being grown inside the home.

Officials did not say if the marijuana he was selling also was being grown in the home or if Westcott had a supplier.

Officials did not say if the other man in the home is facing any charges.