Citrus County has seen a lot of rain recently, which means the county's mosquito control team is stepping up its fight against the pests.

Ray Pateracki, who works with Citrus County Mosquito Control, is on the hunt for mosquitoes. His main focus is to check for breeding in standing water.  

Thanks to the rain, there's a lot of standing water around.

"It's non-stop," he said. "One stop to the next all day."

Officials said they are working like it's the middle of the summer already, and it's only May. They say they haven't been this busy during the spring in a long time.

The mosquito control team is spraying for the bugs using ATVs, an air boat and a helicopter. Trucks have been out at night spraying as well.

"We're doing the best we can," said Nancy Gangi, who also works with Mosquito Control.

Pateracki is using every weapon he has to keep the mosquitoes under control, and the summer rains haven't even started yet.

"It is going to be busy," he said. "Maybe a lot of overtime."