When Brooksville gets heavy rains, residents of one neighborhood get nervous, and for good reason.

A retention pond located in a neighborhood off Barnett Road hasn't been cleared out in decades. Residents say that stormwater doesn't drain out of the pond fast enough, so it spills over.

The s a result, every time the area sees a certain amount of rain, the neighborhood's streets and yards become flooded, while the houses fill with water.

Donna Dausch-Morin has lived in the neighborhood a long time. She says some of her neighbors have been hit hard.

"Some homes were taken off their foundation," she said. "Also they have had to redo their entire house."

Brooksville's Department of Public Works is aware of the problems with the retention pond. They said they plan to clear it out, but that won't happen for some time, possibly until 2016.

Public works officials are trying to get some grant money to pay for the project. In the meantime, they plan to clear out what they can to help the situation.

Frances Flowers says the sooner the better because she is tired of cleaning up all the time.

"I really am because it is a big clean-up and it's a hard clean-up," she said.

Residents say they were hit very hard the past two summers. They're hoping for the best this year.