The state has decided not to move forward with the elevated toll road project in Pasco County.

It’s considered good news for some county leaders and residents who have been fighting against it. The biggest opponent to the elevated toll road is the Pasco Fiasco group and they are cautiously optimistic about the news.

"It's a small celebration because its a big victory for them to scrap this," said board member Richard Connors. "But in order for us be fully on board with the decision that aspect has to be removed."

Connors says the Florida Department of Transportation’s decision not to build is just one step, the project also needs to be taken out of the county’s transportation plan as well.

"This is isn't the first time this has been withdraw only to be re submitted by again," said board member Carlos Saenz. "So we don't to find ourself here again having to re-fight the same battle."

County commissioner Jack Mariano, has publicly supported the opposition group. He says the decision not to move forward with the road is a relief for many residents.

"It really would have hurt all the business owners along 54/56," said Mariano. "The residents that would have to commute and forcing congestion on people to make them take a toll road, I just didn't think it was a good idea."

The Florida Department of Transportation threw out the proposal because there wasn’t enough money for it. To make sure the group’s message is still heard loud and clear the group plans to go a head with a rally against the project so county leaders don’t revive it.