A Brevard County hospital became the first in the Central Florida area to form a partnership with the Mayo Clinic. It's also just the third network member in the state of Florida.

In Titusville, it means a boon for the economy and a geographic advantage for those needing care in our area.

Roger Miller lives in Titusville, and due to his condition requires oxygen 24 hours a day. Right now he goes to the Mayo Care Clinic in Jacksonville once a month for treatment -- a 300-mile round trip. It can at times be a burden considering his health.

But now his local hospital, Parrish Medical Center, has announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic. That means soon he will get the same quality care just 10 minutes from his house.

"The advantage will be I will be able to drive a few miles to my home hospital," said Miller.

Parrish is now the 29th member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, under the umbrella of the original Mayo Clinic itself. The century old renowned non-profit is focused on medical care and research, helping millions every year. Their knowledge will be shared with the local doctors who are working on basic to complex medical cases.

"The patient gets better care when they are here, their family is here, being home is best," said Dr. William Rupp, CEO of Mayo Clinic Florida.

In this case home is the Titusville area, ravaged over the past few years by thousands of shuttle program layoffs and home foreclosures.

Officials said this new partnership will bring many more people seeking medical care, meaning the possibility of spending money locally while they are here.

Parrish is also using the Mayo Clinic's expertise in developing an outpatient clinic.

The clinic, which will be in the new Miracle City Mall project as part of the Titusville revitalization, is designed the Mayo Clinic way.

"We believe our relationship with Mayo Clinic [will mean] more patients staying here locally," said Parrish Medical Center CEO George Mikitarian. "Which will result in our ability to create outpatient facilities like the one we have committed to at Miracle City Mall, which generates jobs."

Miller expects many more patients like him to take advantage of this new partnership.

"All of Brevard County, even as far west as Orlando," he said.