A semi-truck caught on fire on Interstate-4 in Seffner during rush hour traffic on Monday.

The driver, Jose Hernandez said he barely escaped with his life.

Hernandez said he was finishing up a 14-day road trip, dropping off exotic cars. He was only 20 minutes from his home in Tampa when he noticed smoke coming from his dashboard.

Hernandez said he pulled over to the shoulder and within seconds the smoke became flames.

Hernandez said he's had trouble with the truck before. Just a few days ago he said fumes made him sick and then it caught fire on Monday.

"It was scary when the smoke happened because I thought I was going to die and now this was even more so. I haven't even gotten home," he said. "For some reason this truck tried to kill me twice and he couldn't do it so I'm pretty sure he's not too happy."

Hernandez jumped out of the truck so fast when it caught on fire that he lost his shoes. He said he lost a lot of his belongings, too.

"My whole life is in that truck. I've been driving that truck for five years so you keep putting stuff in and putting stuff in," he said. "Believe it or not, literally everything I normally own is in there."

But Hernandez said "things" can be replaced. He said he's just glad to be alive and thankful that no one was hurt.

"We have to be thankful, you know," he said. "As long as we come out with our lives, we're good."