A new bar in Tampa is serving up some unique cocktails.

Happy hour at the HangIVer Bar isn’t toasting to alcohol, but a new trend in wellness called rehydration therapy that’s made its way to Tampa.

Jennifer Tishler ordered a Finish Line.

"It gives me energy, it increases my mood, it helps with my overall daily performance just in life," said Tishler.

Dr. Uhuru Smith owns the HangIVer Bar, a rehydration hub where each IV drip is designed for specific hydration purposes. The drips help with everything from a hangover, to finding the fountain of youth.

"Providing more boutique spa-like atmosphere to come and relax and get these drips and providing some additional vitamins as well as antioxidants," said Dr. Smith.

There are five drips on the menu:
Hair of the Dog
Chicken Soup
Finish Line
Fountain of Youth

Doctor Smith said IV therapy isn’t for everybody, including the elderly and those with heart and liver disease.

Each patient must fill out a medical history and get a mini physical to check for possible drug interactions or allergic reactions.