A 3-year-old boy who survived a five-organ transplant is fighting a new battle. 

Adonis Ortiz's doctors told his mother his body is beginning to reject one of his organs. 

Adonis' mother shared the news on Facebook last night, with a giggling Adonis by her side.

"They told us yesterday that munchkin over here, is starting to reject his organs," said Aracelis Ortiz. "I don't know how that’s going to pan out, but I know that God has everything under control."

Adonis spent the last week in a Miami hospital. His mother isn't sure how much longer it could be, but she and her family are just hoping he won't have to go back on the transplant list. 

Adonis' aunt says the money the family has raised online is dwindling fast, but their first priority is keeping Adonis as healthy as possible as his new fight begins.

"It's just a fear, a fear of not having him," said Adonis' aunt Elizabeth Morales. "I can't even imagine it, I don’t want to imagine it, I cant."

Adonis will undergo more tests this week in hopes the organ may stabilize. But it means a longer hospital stay for Adonis and his mom, who hasn't been able to keep a job because of the constant care her son needs.