Four-month old Jaysen is one very lucky baby. Despite bruises and road rash on his face, legs and arms, doctors say he is on the mend.

So are his young parents, 17-year-olds Dakota and Jordan Harwood, who both have sprained ankles.

They are minor injuries considering what the family went through on Saturday afternoon.  After a day at the park, the couple headed home on foot, pushing Jaysen in a stroller along Chatlin Road in Holiday. That's when out of nowhere, Jorday said they were hit by a car.

"I just saw my son being flung from the stroller and him landing," she said.

Though they were hit from behind, Jordan said they got a good look at the driver.  That's because she said he stopped for a minute to get out of his car and ask if they were alright.

"I yelled at him to call 9-1-1. He said OK," Jordan said. "Then he got back in his car and took off."

Neighbors said they heard tires screech. They came running to help as they waited for ambulances.

"I went over there and the father was holding the baby," Sarah Williams said. "He got hit and they took him in an ambulance, too. His neck was messed up real bad, and I took the baby because the baby was bleeding from the head."

"I heard the hit and the scream came within seconds," said Estela Rodriguez, another neighbor. "I ran outside and saw the stroller in the street. I did not see the baby, but I knew it was bad."

Now, the search is on. Police say the driver was a young man in a blue Ford Crown Victoria.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Florida Highway Patrol at (813) 631-4020.

A fundraiser has been started in the Harwood's name. To donate, head to