Two people were found dead after firefighters were called to a blaze on the 4000 block of Burkett Circle in Tampa shortly before 4 p.m. Monday.

Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke and flames coming from the structure. While searching the home, firefighters located two deceased adults.

Neighbors said that an elderly woman lived at the house with her daughter who was taking care of her.

"She wouldn't have left her mom in there without her, you know, without trying to get her out and it's a sad thing because they're both very loving and giving women,” said Wendy Williams.

“Nice folks, I mean she's given me a bag full of butter and bread that she had extra that she picked up from Wal-mart one time, she was a nice young lady," said Clint Gasque.

Gasque said he ran to help when he saw the flames.

"I banged on the door, two neighbors were coming out at the same time trying to spray the fire with garden hoses and they couldn't do anything," he said. "Nobody would come to the door, no response so I grabbed a log out of front yard and knocked a window out but the black smoke was billowing."

Neighbors say a man also lived at the house but he was out running errands when this happened. The cause of the fire is under investigation though neighbors said they heard explosions, possibly from oxygen tanks.