An advocate group is trying to raise awareness of drowsy driving by serving coffee at a Pasco County rest stop.

University of South Florida football coach Ron Dugans lost his daughter in 2008 to a drowsy driver.  Since then, Dugans has taken it upon himself to advocate for driving alert instead of driving drowsy.

“We want to spread the word and get it out to drivers and let everybody know that drowsy driving is worse than drunk driving," said Dugans. 

Jeanni Moore was headed to Tennessee and was thrilled to see the coffee stand.

"This will keep me awake because it's my turn to drive," said Moore. 

This year, Florida Highway Patrol partnered with him to support the cause.

"A brief second when your mind is off the task of driving can lead to a serious tragedy," said Florida Highway Trooper, Sgt. Steve Gaskins.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that each year drowsy driving causes 100,000 crashes and results in over 1,500 deaths.

With coffee stands like this popping all over the state, Dugans is hoping the numbers change for the sake of his daughter.

"She would want us to spread the word," said Dugans.