The Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with Walk Wise Tampa Bay to bring pedestrian safety awareness to tourists.

They've created safety information cards that are the size of a standard room key and are distributing them as visitors check in to their rooms.

Doreen Moore, President of Travel Resort Services and Total Realty Services, said reaching out to visitors as they arrive is a priority.

"These are given out to our guests when they check in, so that we remind them that there is a need to be aware of the pedestrian safety factors," she said.

Moore said the concept is simple: the community relies on tourists, and keeping them safe as they shop, eat and play in the Bay area helps ensure they will return.

The cards tell tourists to use the designated crosswalks, look both ways before crossing the street and be aware of traffic.

Awareness is the key, as tourists often come from other parts of the world and may not be familiar with U.S. driving patterns. A message as simple as asking them to look both ways before crossing the street can be a life-saver.

The card send a message that pedestrian safety in the beach is an issue.  The Chamber of Commerce hopes the message will help ensure compliance with existing speed limits and pedestrian crossings.

Moore calls it an Education Program that unlocks the door to pedestrian safety.

For more information on Walk Wise Tampa Bay, visit their website.