A fishing captain on Clearwater Beach wants to reel in a better future for foster children.

Professional charter Capt. Tommy LaRonge grew up in foster care. Growing up, he said he found comfort in being out in the water. And so he proposed an idea to a friend.

“I told her somebody took me fishing and fishing was my release,” LaRonge said. “It was my way of forgetting about my worries.”

LaRonge and his friend Misty Wells founded “A Reel Future.” The group takes regular fishing adventures with many foster children.

LaRonge said trips out on the water hit close to home for him.

“You can see it in these kids’ faces when they’re out here fishing with us,” LaRonge said. “It’s the same effect it had on me as it does on these kids. When these kids are on the boat and they’re fishing with us, their problems are gone.”

A Reel Future is holding a fundraiser Sunday. The event is at the Double Eagle in Clearwater.