Where can NASA Scientists comfortably hang out with Ghostbusters?

Dr. Geek's Science Fair!

The South Florida Museum in Bradenton is hosting the event on Saturday, September 27, from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Dr. Geek, aka Dr. Scott Viguie, said his fair is a place to experience the science of fiction.

His goals are to find ways to engage children in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, subjects commonly grouped together under the term "STEM."

And there is an added bonus to his approach.

"We use fiction to tell our story- so we're actually adding the "A" for art, so it's more like STEAM,"said Dr. Geek.

Young learners can construct model flying propellor cars, handle the technology behind underwater conservation efforts and even study the natural wonder of a butterfly wing.

Finally, we asked this radio show and podcast host why he took on the moniker "Dr. Geek."

"Oh, because geek has become chic," said a smiling scientist.