The University of South Florida's drone-lending program has been grounded indefinitely.

USF students were supposed to start checking out drones from the school library this week. 

It's part of a new program to make technology accessible to students. But the program was put on hold because administrators are still trying to comply with federal guidelines.

"While the USF Library hopes to make drones available to students for academic purposes, the University must ensure its procedures for use of the technology are in compliance with federal regulations and recently issued FAA guidance," said USF spokesman Adam Freeman in a statement. "As policies for the program are still being developed, the drones are not available at this time. However, the University plans to seek approval from the FAA for student use of the drones."

Students said it's a shame they can't use the drones now for educational purposes.

"Drones are an up and coming field," said USF student Shane Cowper. "It's a growing business so students should be able to have access to that."

A spokesman for the FAA says USF can apply for an exemption that would allow students to use the aircraft in low-risk and tightly controlled areas. At last check, USF had not applied for the exemption.

Student said they hope the drone-lending program takes off sometime this school year.  

Library administrators used grant money to purchase the two drones. Each drone cost $1,500.