The signature nose, the over the top shoes and of course the extreme clowning around will all be in the house for Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s world premiere of Circus Xtreme at Amalie Arena. 

"This year Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey have a brand new show," according to a circus clown known as Dean. "Circus Xtreme and it’s the most extreme show you’re going to see this year. It’s absolutely incredible."

Circus officials say there are incredible acts that are sure to keep the audience captivated, and even the clowns have some unexpected treats for the audience.

"Clowns are coming from everywhere in this show, we’re repelling from the rigging, we’re coming from the audience," said Dean. "It’s clowns everywhere."

But the clowns are just part of the extreme show. Five Asian elephants will be a part of the show and each elephant will have its own act.

This year’s exhilarating show will also feature BMX bikers to wow the crowd with their freestyle sport act. Even the funny men of the show are impressed by their moves.

"(The BMX) guys are flipping through the air. They’re doing things I never thought were possible on a bicycle," said Dean. "It gets my palms sweaty every time I watch it."

The show runs through Sunday at Amalie Arena.

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