A Lakeland mother’s dying wish has come true.

Dot Crosby is at the end of her battle with breast cancer and wanted to see her son get married.

Her son, Tyler, and his future wife, Amanda, decided to move their wedding up a year so his mother could be there.

The couple got married at Cross Creek Ranch on November 14.

"It was very emotional,” Dot’s husband, Terry Crosby, said. “Knowing the fact she can be there for this meant a lot to her and the whole family."

A few months ago, doctors told Dot she only had a few weeks left.

"It’s hard, you’re lying in bed, not knowing if you’re going to get up in the morning,” Dot said.

Dot said the wedding is at the top of her list of favorite memories.

"Watching his face drop when he saw her for that first time, I couldn’t ask for a better picture,” Dot said.

Dot also was able to share the mother-son dance with Tyler. The video of Tyler dancing with Dot in her wheelchair has been shared online almost 3,000 times.

"It means a lot to me because I want Dot’s legacy to live on,” Terry said. “She’s been a very important part of my life and a part of many people’s lives."

Dot said knowing the wedding was in sight made her fight even harder.

“I keep trying to have goals because the longer there’s a goal out there, I’ve got to get to it, it’s helped me get to my next step,” Dot said.

The family also made sure Dot’s legacy lives on by getting dot tattoos on their hands.

They also threw Dot a surprise 50th birthday party a year early, and their guests donated a total of $7,500 to the American Cancer Society.

Dot said her next goal is to watch her favorite team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, play on Saturday night.