Local Muslims are condemning presidential hopeful Donald Trump's remarks calling for all Muslims to be banned from entering the United States. 

“Donald Trump's remarks have been utterly outrageous. There is nothing American or patriotic about his remarks,” said Rasha Mubarak, Orlando Regional CAIR Florida coordinator.  

Mubarak said she is afraid Trump's statements will put Muslims in greater danger of becoming victims of hate crimes.  

“Today alone there were two incidences that were reported in Tampa, where two Muslim women that were wearing the hijab, the head cover, were victims of potential hate crimes. One was leaving the mosque and her car was shot at,” said Mubarak.  

Rasha said nothing like that has happened in Orlando, but she’s still scared for the safety of Muslim Americans. Her friend Lisa Vogl lives in Orlando with her husband and two kids. She converted to Islam in her late 20s. 

“I converted to this religion because of the peaceful aspects of this religion,” said Vogl. 

Vogl also said groups like ISIS do not truly represent the religion.  

“There are a lot of statements that are just frankly incorrect about Islam that they are terrorists, they’re bombers, they’re violent, don’t let them in this country. It’s very unfortunate because we contribute to this country a great deal positively. There are doctors. There are lawyers,” said Vogl.  

Although Vogl knows the majority of Muslims are not violent, she fears Trump’s statements will increase hatred.  

According to the latest CNN poll, 57 percent of adults oppose Trump’s proposal. The idea is supported by 25 percent of adults.