When Meredith Mikell decided to take a different route during her morning run on Wednesday, she had no idea that doing so would save someone's life.

"I saw huge amounts of smoke coming out of the roof of that house,” said Mikell. “Then, when I moved over towards the front part of the house, I could see flames up under the eaves."

The house, located on 47th Avenue North in St. Petersburg, was on fire. A woman and her child were still inside.

"I went and started pounding on the side door to get their attention,” said Mikell. “So, then she woke up and came out and she says, 'I’ve got to go get my daughter.'"

Mickell didn’t waste any time trying to get the pair out of the burning house.

“Obviously, I was worried,” said Mikell. “But when she said she had a little girl I kind of lost my own inhibitions and thought we need to make sure everybody gets out.”

Thankfully, everyone got out safely.

"That route I hadn’t taken in a while,” said Mikell. “So it was sort of fortunate I think obviously that I was there that morning, this morning, usually I go a different route most of the time."

The St. Petersburg Fire Department says preliminary reports show the fire appears to be electrical and accidental. The department says it started on the front porch and spread to the attic.

Water drips from the ceiling where firefighters attacked the blaze the St. Petersburg Fire Department says started on the front porch and spread to the attic, all while a woman and child slept.

The American Red Cross is helping the family.