It's enough to make any chocolate lover's mouth water -- the sights, sounds and smells of chocolate covered potato chips being created at Rockledge's Grimaldi Candy Company.

"Heaven," says customer Susie Houser of Merritt Island.

Houser just bought a pack and if she can get out of the store without partaking of the treats, she's going to send it to friends in the Midwest for Christmas.

"I love giving presents from Florida, especially Brevard County," she said.

And that's good for Grimaldi. Susie's purchase is adding to the company's record-setting year. It’s bolstered by $75,000 of the potato chip boxes sold in all 1,103 Publix stores across the Southeast over the past month.

Plus their new, small pouch sizes are available in three major supermarkets up north.

"That's given us access to over 100,000 grocery stores in the U.S., which is going to drive our production, which is going to create more jobs here in Brevard County," said Jim Frazier, Grimaldi Candy Company owner.

Frazier says his staff could reach more than 40 people next year, essentially doubling it in size. He says that should be proof the Space Coast isn't just about rockets, but diverse businesses like his.

And that is just -- well -- sweet.

"You can bring other businesses and industry to the Space Coast, and you can succeed and grow your business," said Frazier.

Susie Houser says she will be back next time to satisfy her own sweet tooth. Maybe....

"Hopefully I'll get it to my friends," laughed Houser.

Due to the growth, Grimaldi is looking into possibly opening another Brevard-based manufacturing facility.