One special McDonald's customer in Lakeland reminded everyone what the holidays are really about. 

She started a pay it forward chain that lasted for three hours, and 250 cars. 

Marisabel Figueroa was working the drive-thru when the mystery customer pulled up. 

"She said, 'If you don't mind, I want to pay for the next lady's order. But I want you to tell her that I said, 'Have a Merry Christmas,' not 'Happy Holidays," Figueroa explained.

So, she did just that.

"Then, that next lady paid the next order and it kept going and going," said Figueroa.

Matt Wenrich, the Director of Operations, said customers were just having a great time, laughing, in awe of what was happening. 

When the 250th car pulled up, Figueroa gave her same speech. The customer seemed puzzled.

"She was speechless," Figueroa said. "She said, 'What do I do?' And I said, 'You just have a Merry Christmas,' and she went off, and it stopped right there."

But, not before the mystery customer reminded everyone what the holidays are really about.

"It's the spirit of giving -- she felt like she could start something. And she did. I want to tell that person out there, 'Thank you,'" said Figueroa.