An armed man was shot and killed by security guards at a south St. Petersburg convenience store early Tuesday, police said.

Jhai-quel Rai-Tez Black, 23, of St. Petersburg was arguing with another man as they entered the Obama Express Food Market at 1400 18th Ave. S around 3:30 a.m., police said.

Black refused orders to leave and, at some point, produced a gun and started waving it around. The security guards, who had been patrolling the area outside of the store, came inside and shot him, according to police.

The incident was recorded by a store surveillance cameras and is being reviewed by detectives.

Troy Jones, who owns a barber shop nearby, said he's not surprised by what happened, and that rowdy crowds and calls to the police are the norm for that area.

"They're piled up in my parking lot, the post office parking lot, just hanging out, 3 o'clock in the morning coming from the clubs," he said.

Police have been called to the location 206 times since August for things like crowd issues, fighting, trespassing and even other shootings.

"This has been going on for some time now," police spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez said.

Fernandez said the department is fully aware of the problems at the store.

"That's why we increased patrols that time of night and also why the owners are asking, in many cases, to provide security of their own, if possible," she said. "But there's only so much you can do if people aren't openly doing anything illegal."

Police said no charges are anticipated at this time, but the results of their investigation will be forwarded to the State Attorney's Office.