You may have caught the McDonald’s commercial during the Super Bowl featuring their new "Pay with Lovin’’ campaign. 

Randomly chosen customers get a free meal if they pay with an act of love. Some Bay area stores are participating, including a location on 4th St. North in Saint Petersburg.

Monday, customers were surprised when they were told they could pay for their meals with ‘lovin.’

"If they can show an act of ‘lovin’ it’, we're going to give them a meal absolutely free on the spot," said owner and operator Missy Stefanos.

The store is now accepting dance moves as payment.

An employee asked customer Lou Alberto and his grandson Tristan Smith if they knew how to do ‘the wave’ dance. They happily obliged, and the three danced in front of the counter for free cheeseburgers.

“I was surprised and definitely very pleasantly surprised, I must add," said Alberto.

Others opted for a ‘slow-dance’ as their friends cheered.

Another man offered up a high-five for some fries.

Calling or texting a loved one, or taking a selfie with a McDonald’s employee are also acceptable forms of payment.

St. Petersburg resident Diane Gery ordered some nuggets, and paid with a hug. Two hugs, actually.

"A little surprised yes," laughed Gery.

"I hope they kind of go away with their hearts kind of like busting with some loving.  I maybe need to call mom call their son and say how's everything going," said Stefanos.

The hope to increase sales by giving back and having fun. These customers certainly weren’t complaining.

The promotion runs through Valentine’s Day. The only catch is, if you want to pay with lovin’, you have to go inside to place your order.