Everyday Hero Celeste Diaz is used to giving back. She is a dance teacher at the Campo YMCA in Valrico and North Brandon YMCA.

A couple weeks ago, she decided to help even more children, by donating her hair to make wigs. The wigs will benefit pediatric cancer patients. Diaz said it’s all about setting a good example and leting her students do the cutting.

“I always want to impact their lives, hopefully in a positive way, and by symbolizing them cutting my hair, they understand a little bit better about the power of giving to someone who we don’t know,” Diaz said.

This month, Celeste donated about 13 inches of hair. In the past, she’s donated as much as 22.

Diaz lost her own mother to cancer and said the real heroes are the children.

“I only want wonderful things for them,” Diaz said. “Honestly, I feel like they’re the heroes. They impact my life more than they’ll ever know. So to me they are the heroes.”